Comentario del Departamento de Información y Prensa del MAE de Rusia sobre la situación en Venezuela (en inglés)



Recent developments in Venezuela are a cause for concern. With the economy still facing severe difficulties, the political struggle once again risks turning towards confrontation in the streets. Sadly, tensions are being fanned from outside the country. We are forced to note that the leadership of the inter-American regional organisation has already made statements that are not balanced.

We take the view that only Venezuelas people, who elected a legitimate government, can resolve their countrys political problems and find solution that should conform to Venezuelas constitution and national laws. Destructive intervention from outside is unacceptable. No one has the right to impose on Venezuela any kind of colour revolution scenarios, whose radical methods are well known, in an effort to destabilise the situation.

We believe that main challenge facing Venezuela today is to find realistic exit routes from the economic crisis and ways to improve the general publics social conditions. Clearly, this is only possible when the country has internal political calm. It is therefore important to keep passions from rising any higher. Further unbalancing of the situation in Venezuela could have serious consequences, including for the region as a whole.

We welcome the efforts a number of politicians have been making to facilitate an understanding between the countrys different political forces. We hope that these steps will ultimately produce positive results and we are ready to join in these efforts if this is deemed necessary.

We want to emphasise that Venezuela is our longstanding political and economic partner. We have many good friends in this country, representing various political forces there. We hope to continue strengthening our multifaceted bilateral cooperation, which, we believe, is in the mutual interests of both countries and is consistent with our socioeconomic development goals.